fock 17 mods


  • revision of FMDA/Ivan's G17
  • general goal: make it easier for noobs to obtain functional print
    • reduce post-processing (e.g. filing/fitment)
    • give hand-holding instructions
    • optimize design for 3d printing (e.g. enlarge trigger guard for overhang artifact)
    • disintermediate the state's attempted monopoly on instruments of violence
  • below are pictures of some ongoing changes/results
  • range results include
    • hundreds of rounds through ~5 range-tested frame modifications using the same spooky rails
    • one significant anticipated failure: 120 rd mag dump achieved failure through slide lock region melting (could not touch barrel/slide with even gloves due to heat)
    • stovepipes - variables include use of red dot (added slide weight) & Federal AE 124gr ammo (reportedly on the lower power end). stovepipes reduced (possibly elimated) with irons, reduced weight (15 lb rather than stock 17) recoil spring (Wolff) when using red dot, and slightly hotter ammo (MagTech)
    • ~2 failures of trigger to reset
    • multiple successful rapid 33 rd mag dumps (waiting in between fast dumps, or switching of slides)
    • NO slam fires or other significant malfunctions
  • complete:
    • recoil rod region - changed to not require any filing
    • refined slide lock spring region
  • in-progress:
    • refining modifications to slide lock spring region - improved to require no post-processing modifications (spring fits well/tightly, fitment under front rail block has been ensured, reaches slide lock without difficulty) - however currently optimizing tension as difficult to get slide on first few times
    • rear rail assembly insert: attempting to make it easier to time screws to rails/frame while keeping rails flush against frame. may or may not pan out given dimensional constraints of this region
    • print/testing corroboration by others - particularly with enders to better ascertain optimal range of print settings/configurations
    • temperature measurements: to clarify expected failure points
    • nylon-based material testing
    • full writeup (nearly complete, awaiting final specs)



magstop lighted

magstop from above

no-file mag release channel

mag release spring given proper room, retensioned, and windowed

trigger housing pin moved
reflects asymmetric hole placement on trigger housing

locking block pin moved up slightly
closer to locking block spec

rear rail screw standoff (for common 8mm screws + spring washer)
trigger housing moved slightly left (move closer to spec, reduce ejector/plate collision)
clearance for rail shelves created (avoid rail tilt)
inter-rail distance narrowed (reduce slide/rail outer friction)

clearance created for trigger

frame-top clearance created for slide, including locking block post trimming

much subcomponent testing went into these revisions (only a small subset pictured)

mag dump melting slide lock wall (failure at ~120 rounds with only a few pauses)

melty left lateral frame from slide lock heat

melty right lateral frame from slide lock heat

fun embellishments for all the big igloos

fun embellishments for all the family

scary embellishments for all the small totalitarians

spooky embellishments for all the economies

spooky embellishments for all the family