what is my purpose?

While building a 10/22 is not technically difficult, putting together my first took me longer than I thought it should. Whether specific parts are compatible, where to get certain parts, and how to put together some parts required synthesizing knowledge from related manufacturers, web forums, and youtube videos. Even some assembly videos from reputable manufacturers/distributors have a lack of details for some parts/steps. And as useful as spreadsheets are for figuring out the best sources and prices for parts, I would have rather not had to use them for gun builds. Even with the spreadsheets, after ordering parts while working full time I realized I'd not ordered a takedown screw when I went to assemble my build (easy to miss in all my spreadsheeted options/prices)! When I've built PCs I certainly haven't needed spreadsheets thanks to part cataloguing sites. Why don't these exist for gun parts? There have been many forum/media-site posts about such projects, but a proper version still does not exist. This site aims to change that.

This site aims to specifically make it easier to:

This site aims to accomplish these goals via:

  • manually and painstakingly created parts lists
  • price engines and comparators for manufacturers & distributors
  • build engine to interface with the above to construct and catalogue builds
  • build analysis tools to ensure build completeness
  • future/in-development features such as:
    • compatibility database/analysis for individual part pairs
    • detailed part assembly instructions/references
    • reviews of parts and builds

I hope to finance further maintenance and development via affiliate linking, as many (most?) gun sites do. The volume of income from this will determine further time investment on this project. Please note that many links to parts do not have affiliate links (e.g. because they don't offer affiliate programs) - this emphasizes that the purpose is to best consolidate available part information even at the expense of affiliate income to me. That said, the degree of affiliate (or other) income for the site will determine further time investment, so please consider using the affiliate site links if you can.

Currently, I have affiliation with the following:

Hopefully through this and other similar sites, we together can promote: gun-building in general, further proliferation/development of unique non-stock parts, price reduction through economies of scale, and broader recognition of the futility of gun-control attempts (let alone its radical immorality).

Feedback is very much welcomed. Please contact me if you have any comments or suggestions, have found any bugs, or have any ideas regarding how I or this site could further promote gun building!

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Thanks for checking out the site!