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parts: Glock 17 | 10/22 builds: public 3d printing

updates in later 2019


This site was created to help people build guns, starting with the Ruger 10/22 & Glock G17 and expanding into 3d printed firearms. This site helps with finding parts, keeping track of build parts, ensuring part completion, and sharing builds. Read more at the about page.


Ready to start build planning? Create an account or login to start a build. Checkout others' builds on the public builds page.

parts for 10/22

Looking to checkout 10/22 parts? Checkout the component breakdown 10/22 page to look for parts based on the component.

parts for glock 17

Looking to checkout glock parts? Checkout the component breakdown glock 17 gen3 page to look for parts based on the component.

3d printing

Many 3d printed firearms resources are collected on the 3d printing page. Check it out and 3d print yourself a flock 17.

why build

  • have features you want, omit those you don't want
  • building may be cheaper depending on the firearm and specific parts
  • learning - many disciplines can be encompassed including CAD, 3d printing, and machining
  • privacy can be increased by legally completing the serialized (what is legally the firearm) part yourself
  • most parts can be mailed directly to you (likely excluding more socialist states like NY & CA)


I welcome any feedback! If you think a part or build should be included, please let me know. See the contact page.