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I designed this site to help people build guns, starting with the Ruger 10/22 & Glock G17. This site helps with finding parts, keeping track of build parts, ensuring part completion, and sharing builds. Read more about why I created this site on the about page.


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parts for 10/22

Looking to checkout 10/22 parts? Checkout the component breakdown 10/22 page to look for parts based on the component.

parts for glock 17

Looking to checkout glock parts? Checkout the component breakdown glock 17 gen3 page to look for parts based on the component.

why build

If looking for the cheapeast gun, one is better served by getting a stock 10/22 or G17 from a local gunshop. However, if you are willing to invest a little more money and time you can learn a lot and get a much nicer and more customized firearm. An explosion in aftermarket parts has resulted in a 10/22 or G17 that can be built without any original manufacturer parts (though for many components OEM parts can be great). With lower-cost receiver parts like Brownells brn-22, as well as p80 Glock build kits, custom build costs are approaching stock build prices. Also, all parts except the legally-restricted receiver (for 10/22) part can be ordered online directly to your home in most states (probably excluding more socialist states like NY and CA)!


I welcome any feedback! If you think a part or build should be included, please let me know. See the contact page.